Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More From the Stickings Article

Curiouser and curiouser. Kory's krack research team has come up with some interesting material on Count Ignatula that I should share with you. You will remember my comments on the Michael Stickings article in the Guardian, and that Stickings is a former Bobama Rae operative.

There are some hilarious new comments on the Guardian Web site. One reader pointedly says, regarding Mikey the Mike:

"he's a dreadful old pseud. he ruined bbc arts programmes in the late 80s.

we were glad to be rid of him. our gain, your loss."

Another goes even farther:

"Everything Mr. Stickings said about Iggy is true. I have read Iggy's extensive bio and there is nothing loyal or true about this man. The way he was parachuted into the liberal safe riding is one thing, but the way he managed to become Liberal Leader without an election of membership is another. He added insult to injury the way he kicked the former leader, Dion, when he was down. On top of that he refused to even name Dion to any shadow position and sent him to the back benches. Imagine after all those years of service to be treated that way! Iggy did not pay any Canadian taxes for 36 years. He felt after teaching in British Columbia that Canadian students were 'beneath' him. After moving to the UK, he became a Thatcher boy and supported union busting. When his popularity waned in the UK, he in true form, took off for the US, where he became a Republican, Bush worshiper. It dawned on him that he could never become President of his beloved U.S.A. (where he still owns his home) so he returned to Canada, bought a liberal party membership (he was never a member) and thought he'd save those dumb Canadians and bless us with the glory of all things 'Iggy'. Aren't we lucky? It will be a sad day for Canada if he manages to become Prime Minister. Mr. Harper is doing a fine job and is very well thought of, and is a true Canadian in every sense."

Union busting? A "Thatcher boy"? a Republican? Who knew....

And now we find that he told a British interviewer that he was a real count, when it's clear from the evidence he is nothing of the sort. More as this develops.