Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm Into Deep Makeover For the Last Demographic

Hope you had a great holiday. I'll be limiting my posts over the next few weeks. In an effort to make myself more appealing to what I call The Last Demographic - Toronto women who hang on every word uttered on the People's Network, and prostrate themselves before the ideologues at the Toronto Star - I'm putting myself through a complete whole body workout and personal makeover. We might also be doing some policy tweaking.

I know I'm a bit of a geek, maybe even more so than BackPack Boy. I mean look at this picture of me as a teenager in Leaside - Yes I am a Torontonian! - and you'll see how much I've changed. I mean look at those teeth!

I must say I owe a lot to Laureen, who has a great sense of style, and she got me into more fashionable "power" neckware. I mean some of my ties I got at Eaton's Bargain Basement in 1979!! She even made me throw out my favourite - a wide rep tie with baby blue and black stripes. It probably went to Sally Ann. I know some CP journo will be wearing it at my next press conference!

A Happy and a Prosperous New Year Everybody!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Priory of Sion Plotting to Put Justin St-Clair TrueDoh on the Throne of Canada

This Just In: On December 22, in a secret conclave at the University Club in Toronto, a group of Priory of Sion and Torostar Cult officials met to fete Justin TrueDoh and set in motion their plot to install him on the Throne of Canada, replacing the Windsors.

I'm not lying when I tell you we are seriously concerned by this new development, and several of our crack Tory historians have been assembling a dossier on the case. New facts on the Priory's role in Canadian history are just now beginning to emerge.

1. The Sinclair Factor

On October 13, 1307, a bankrupt King Philippe le Bel of France (right), backed by Pope Clement in Avignon, went after the Order of the Knights Templar and their treasure to prop up his ailing monarchy and destroy the St-Clair family, pretenders to the Throne of France, who claimed to be descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and holders of the Holy Grail. On March 19th, 1314, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, was roasted at the stake and his ashes thrown into the Seine.

But Philip failed to find the treasure of the Templars, for most of it had been well hidden in the Alps. As for the family and the Grail, they had been spirited away to Scotland, where Robert the Bruce, son of the Templar Crusader Robert de Brus, had secured Scottish independence from England at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. Rosslyn Castle near Edinburgh became home of the "Sinclair" Family.

In 1393, fearing the French had discovered the secret, Henry Sinclair, Prince of the Orkney Islands, sent a Venetian admiral, Nicolo Zeno, to carry out a survey of Greenland, in preparation for their journey to the New World.

Before embarking on what was considered a risky endeavor, Sinclair made provisions for transferring some of his lands to his brothers and eldest daughter. He then packed the Templar treasure in 12 vessels and took to sea, with Zeno navigating, and 200-300 fellow monks and fugitive Templars. They landed in Cape Breton on June 2, 1398, and Guysborough, Nova Scotia on June 12, 1398. Over that summer a special crew buried the treasure and the Holy Grail on Oak Island (above), in a booby trapped money pit.

Henry Sinclair returned home, and was cruelly killed by English invaders in 1401. But the Grail and the treasure were safe in Canada.

2. The Mont-Réal Connection

In 1534, over 100 years later, with growing Medici threats against the Templars, and a looming religious war, the order engaged St-Malo navigator Jacques Cartier, who had already crossed the Atlantic with the Portuguese Templars, and sent him west to scout for a save haven for the Order and its treasures. Cartier named the river he discovered after Saint Lawrence, the Roman martyr who was entrusted with the Holy Grail or Holy Chalice, the cup from which Jesus and the Apostles drank at the Last Supper. Cartier found the perfect location up the St. Lawrence River at a place he called "Mont-Réal", after the crusader fort in Syria (below) where the Grail was originally found by the Crusaders.

In the early 1600s, when the religious wars ended, Samuel de Champlain, a grand master of Templar cartography, sailed to Canada with his Huguenot associates, some of whom were members of the French St. Clair Family, guardians of the secret of the Holy Blood. They founded a new settlement for the family at "Acadia." But the site soon came under attack from American pirates, and in the 1630s, they dug up the Oak Island treasure and the Grail and secretly moved it to Quebec with the family.

With Canada secure, Jean de Maisonneuve, Jeanne Mance (a direct descendant of the last leader of the Knights Templar) founded the Company of Ville-Marie, then took the family, the Grail and the treasure to "Mont-Réal" where they founded a new holy city. The family were placed under the guardianship of the Order of St-Sulpice, seigneurs of Montréal, until the time was ripe to install a descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, a St-Clair son, on the throne of Canada. A Jesuit takeover may have scotched that plan for several hundred years.

So Montreal in fact originated as a Templar Colony, to be the New Jerusalem, and Quebec’s motto, “Je me souviens” (I remember), bears testimony to this secret history. It's clear to some of our historians that the Holy Grail is indeed hidden somewhere in Montréal. (Our researchers' best guess - in the Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, where rest the remains of Ste. Marguerite Bourgeoys, founder of the chapel in 1657)

3. The Rose in His Lapel

The family and their descendants thrived, and genealogical research has shown that over 350,000 Holy Blood descendants today make their home in Montreal. Young Justin TrueDoh is just one of them, both on the French and English side, and of course the mother that gave birth to him on Christmas Day 1971 - Margaret Sinclair (left) - is a direct descendant of the Scottish Templar family and the French St-Clairs.

One of our historians suggests she may have divorced Pierre TrueDoh - not the other way around - when he confessed he was a life-long Jesuit/Marxist, and hostile to the Templar cause.

Be that as it may, the symbolism should be a star-crossed slam dunk, right? And the case should rest there, right? Not so fast - Stéphane Dion, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe are also Templar heirs, with a right to the Throne. I myself, through my Calvinist French and Scottish ancestors, am another, but so are a lot of people. I don't make a big deal about it like some people do. And really this whole Justin effort smacks of pure desperation.
Anyway, Dear Diary, that's your Christmas story for 2007. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless Canada.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

PET Pup Caught Trying to Swim to Havana

In a brave attempt to emulate his late father's catalogue of exploits, Justin "Jésu" Truedoh was pulled from the sea off Halifax yesterday in a failed attempt to swim to Havana.

When told his father had tried to get to Cuba once to meet with "Fidel", but by canoe from Key West, Florida, the young Puffin heart throb slapped his head and shouted "Aw Fuddle Marde".

The young celebrity was escorted home by his wife Sophie and will be in Montréal to celebrate his birthday on Christmas Day.
Meanwhile disturbing rumours continue to swirl about a Priory of Sion plot to install Truedoh on the throne of Canada. More on this as details come in.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stephen Harper Automated Attack Ad Thesaurus

One of the more amusing items that Rocco's tech team found when they hacked into PAM - the Puffinalia Agitprop Mainframe - is the Stephen Harper Automated Attack Ad Thesaurus, a subset of the Puffin Party of Canada Secret Playbook. Here are some examples from this truly pathetic political document:
1) Concentrate on Harper: Talk about "Stephen Harper's hidden agenda" and the "Harper Regime".

2) Use Demonizing Adjectives: "aggressive, aloof, arrogant, bullying, cheap, cold, devious, dirty, disastrous, disturbing, evil, hardcore, hard-right, heartless, hostile, mean, nasty, right-wing, scary, secretive, shameful, sinister, sleazy, tightly-controlled, uncaring, unfair, unfeeling, vindictive".

3) Repeat Nationalistic Links: "George Bush, war in Iraq, US-style"

4) Use Hundred Dollar Words Sparingly: Multisyllabics such as "authoritarian, fundamentalist, Machiavellian, unconscionable" are great in their proper place.

Sandra is keeping a close eye on some of the newer attack innovations, so I enjoin all true blues to send your favourite Puffinalia to me at the email address on the right.
Latest Larry Martin Outrage: "Putinesque", as in "Oh that Harper, he's so Putinesque."
Don Martini: "He's a born leader, but far too angrily partisan..."
Latest Jimmy Traverse Torostar Cult Inanities: "vicious", "partisan", "schoolyard meanness", "goes for the groin", "smearing the blameless", "doesn't play well with others"...
NOTE: I thought "PARTISAN" was a good thing, but apparently not when you're sniffing the incense of the Torostar Cult on a daily basis. Soon they'll be banning hockey.

Forget the old rule about keeping your stick on the ice. These journo-nannies are so stoned they can play without a stick.

Let's Really Open the Gates to Full Public Scutiny and Transparency

If you're like me I'm sure you're a true blue fan of Great Canadian Spectator Sports like sliding down the rink shouting "harder" and banging heavy rocks together. And of course there's mudwrestling in suits. And of course you share the fantasy of seeing Mr. Dithers and the Créton de Shawinigan have their moment of glory boxing before the so-called ethics committee. How marvellous it would be to see them duke it out in the Railway Committee Room, continuing their bathetic old charade and growling at Pat Martin's bossy questions.

"I ask you sir, what did you really know about Airbust™?"

And what about Shawinigate and Sponsorgate and Steamshipgate, real classic high end scandals compared to the efforts of The Person Who Must Not be Named to make a decent consulting buck after his departure from politics under the stain of the horrible GST and the tragedy of the Free Trade Deal?

I'm tempted to say, "Let's open up this whole can of worms and follow the money trail right into the political parties themselves. Let's look into the heart of darkness that is the natural governing party redux."

We could even invite the old German-Canadian Gnome back for comic relief.

Now that's scary.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OK, Bring on the Election, Not

I see that diligent work by crazed turncoat Andrew Coin (left), allied with the Canadian Peoples' Agitprop Network and the Torostar Cult, has led to a blip in the CP/Decimo/Harrass poll where we could be statistically tied with the Puffins. (Is this a real poll like the Nanos ones, or just a desperate push poll to nudge up the Puffins? And what were the questions? - Ed)

High Fives to all those weenies who contributed to the Puffin nudge upward and our nudge downward. This is not mere police beat journalism - this is inspired brand marketing and you should share in the glory. And Viva Karlsheitz Fraudster for your bravura performance. You really earned your get out of jail card, you old rascal. We'll see you in February.

By the way, is Backpack Boy back from Bali yet? That should cause the polls to re-blip back to normal.

ZZZZZZZzzzzzz...must hibernate.
Back to Normal: Sandra woke me from my midwinter nap, and apparently the latest Angus Reid poll says nothing has changed.... We've held at 33%, the Puffins are stuck at 28%. As you were...
This just in: Some college boy cultist at Torostar called Gerry Nicholls, who claims to know me, says I'm being groomed by my staff as a cult leader/playboy of the month.

I guess this spring's fashion at Torostar and CPAN will be to portray me as Herr Harper. Truly, deeply sophomoric.

See you at the polls, losers. Oops, sorry, I forgot, the Puffins can't afford an election, can they? So I guess I won't see you at the polls.

Anyway, why all the fuss, Puffin People? Why so frustrated? All you have to do is drink our kool-aid and vote YES.

So lighten up and have a happy holiday. God Bless Canada.
Pix: AC (Frontier Centre for Public Policy)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Del Mastro takes Puffins to Task

The Puffin Party of Canada has denied that there was any collusion between the Puffins and the CBC, and have called the allegations a “total fabrication” (National Post, December 15, 2007). If indeed true, I'm relieved that certain honourable members of the Official Opposition will be spared further embarassment.

However, if the Puffins ARE LYING and it was NOT a fabrication, and the CBC have indeed been acting as the lapdog network of the Grits, then I am totally disgusted. Have these people no shame? Is this what they teach in journalism school these days?

And the irony of it all is that this is occurring in the Ethics Committee! It would be hilarious if it were not so tragic.

Our party member Dean Del Mastro will be bringing this up in the committee after Christmas. “Are the Liberals saying that Jean Lapierre, Mike Duffy and the CBC itself are fabricating their stories?” he asks. “More importantly do Liberals believe that it is appropriate for their party to actively collude with the country’s public broadcaster?”

Perhaps the committee could call some senior CBC officials to testify.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Mackenzie King Enquiry

Rumours have been circulating that I'm going to be asking Professor Johnston to widen his enquiry to cover the shady financial doings of ALL Puffin Prime Ministers, including Mackenzie King, who allegedly took money from the Rockefellers and died a very rich man.

I want to state categorically that nothing could be further from the truth.

Friday, December 14, 2007

CBC Feeds Questions to Puffin MPs on the So-Called Ethics Committee

This development does not look good for the credibility of the Puffin members of the Ethics Committee. It's clear one or more of them have been colluding with their lapdog network. Yes, I'm talking about the Canadian Peoples' Agitprop Network.

CTV's Mike Duffy show has confirmed the allegations of former Liberal Cabinet Minister and current TVA journalist Jean Lapierre that Grit MPs on the Ethics Committee were given yesterday's questions to ask by the journalists of the CBC.

"I knew all about those questions," said Lapierre. "They were written by the CBC and provided to the Liberal Members of Parliament and the questions that Pablo Rodriguez asked were written by the CBC, and I can't believe that, but last night, an influential Member of Parliament came to me and told me those are the questions that the CBC wants us to ask tomorrow." (CTV Newsnet, December 13, 2007)

Your Tax Dollars at Work

So let me get this straight... some of the $55 or so that each Canadian taxpayer spends to keep the CBC on air goes directly toward benefiting the Puffin Party of Canada by educating their stupider MPs about what questions to ask so as to damage the government of YOURS TRULY?

I must say I am shocked but not surprised at this new evidence that CBC keeps ethically challenged journalists on the payroll. This is just more of the same pathetic service to Canadians.

Of course, this is nothing new for the Nanny Network. We now know all about Steffie Camero and the Airbust™ Crusaders. But there is more. In 2004, Stephanie Matteis of CBC's The National sent out thousands of emails searching for typical Canadians that would not vote for YOURS TRULY because they thought I was, here we go again, "scary". In her letter, she wrote, "I'm looking for someone who was going to vote Conservative in the last election but changed their minds along the way because they were scared, freaked out or worried about the Conservatives, the Conservative agenda or its leader. So, instead, they voted Liberal. Now you're facing the same dilemma this time. If this describes you AND you are willing to travel for a couple of days next month AND you are willing to appear on television then please get in touch immediately."

Presumably the network would bring all these people to Toronto, put them up in the Harbour Castle and have a good old town hall meeting.

Then in August, 2006, CBC reporter Christina Lawand deliberately misrepresented an answer given by YOURS TRULY.

Canadians want to know, "When will this shame and outrage ever end?"

Update: My staff have drafted a query to CBC ombudsman Vince Carlin (wasn't he a standup star in the 70s?), and we anticipate the usual grovelling letter in reply, but no real changes in policy unless they fire most of the newsroom. I suspect we'll also be bringing the matter up with the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council.

What? the CBC is not a member of the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council? Jeez whyeverthehellnot?
New Developments: It is reported that Carlin is an expert in ethics, and his wife teaches journalistic ethics at Ryerson, so let's see him strut his stuff. My guess is there will be one child journo sent to the Gulag, and the Corpse will then pronounce that all is well.

Keep on Puffin.

Old Goalie Caught Obsessing About Hotel Rooms

This is fascinating. Our crack PMO textual analysis team have discovered that the Puffins are now mythologizing the Airbust™ Affair by developing a vocabulary that links it with unsavoury high end hotel rooms, where, as right-thinking Canadians know, all sorts of alleged practices take place. Yesterday former Leaf Manager Ken Dryden, for whom I have the utmost respect for his hockey achievements, said, and I quote:

"Mr. Schreiber is at least a shadowy character, and has been for a long time. I understand how first contacts happen and how mistakes can be made, but why did your association with Mr. Schreiber go on year after year? Why was the money exchanged in cash? Why in different cities? Why in hotel rooms?"

Dryden raises a troubling point. Why indeed? Canadians demand an answer.

Robert Thériault is also obsessed with the same thing: "Then you exercised the options to accept money, in cash, in a hotel room in Montreal."

And why Montreal. Why the Queen Elizabeth? Why not the Paris Airport Hilton? Or the Pierre Hotel at Trudeau Airport?

And even the Kneedippers are not immune: Mr. Joe Comartin: "So at the time when you received that money, when you were in the hotel room..."

So my friends, repeat this mantra after me - "Hotel rooms. Hotel rooms in different cities."

I'm also told the Globe and Torostar journos are really picking up on this hotel room thing, and the hard-hitting Pissed Estate investigators plan to tour and stay in all these cool hotels where the German-Canadian Pasta Entrepreneur met his prey. Especially the Pierre in New York. A tad expensive, but a lovely place.

In cash. In a hotel room. We're not making this up.
Pix:Poor Old Goalie Being Glad Handed by a Refreshed Mr. Dithers in a Montreal Hotel Room

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today's Airbust Testimony a Hit for Political Junkies

So The Person Who Must Not be Named has testified, and I think all right thinking Canadians would agree that the Puffin's Plan Smear Harper no longer has legs, if it ever had any at all.

The Puffins even dragged out the great old goaler to pontificate from the heart about our shared moral failings, and the NDP star of the Airbust™ Show was Pat Martin, who blathered on about how shocked Canadians must feel about Big Bad Businesspersons.

Fascinating. It's clear now that the whole Airbust™ Affair goes back to a Grit Dirty Tricks Team operating down the street from the Office of the Petit Gars de Shawinigan, allied with Watergate wannabes Dimlid HackIntyre, Harvey Cash-Whore (left) and the Pissed Estate crew plus alleged investigative hackette Steffie Camero (below).

All these Grit operatives masquerading as journalists should be marched before the Ethics Committee, or better yet, the Johnston Enquiry. What a pathetic cast of characters. I can hardly wait. It will make gripping afternoon television, if you like that sort of thing.
I Have a New Theory: The old German-Canadian Pasta Entrepreneur would rather risk jail in Canada for perjury or even, God forbid, blackmail. He'd prefer to be incarcerated in some country club minimum security hotel in BC than be shipped out on the next plane and thrown into a dank dark dungeon in Germany. Makes perfect sense when you think of it.

Jeez, this thing could go on for years. But I guess that's the general idea.
Pix: Chris Wattie (Reuters); CBC

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Personal Message to Women Who Watch CBC and Read the Toronto Star

According to the latest Nanos Poll, "The Prime Minister and his government get very high marks from Canadians. The Harper government gets a very good rating from 10.1 percent of the voters, and a good one from 29.4 percent. Another 38.1 percent give the government an average report card, while only 9 percent give it poor performance marks, and 9.4 percent rate it as very poor. However, there is a continuing caution for Prime Minister Harper in the voting intention numbers, as measured in other Nanos polls, as well as in those by other public opinion research firms. The Conservatives continue to be unable to cross the threshold of a majority, largely due to a gender gap and the resilience of the Liberal Party brand in Ontario."

What can I do to make you love me? Free Karlheinz Schreiber? You know I'd like nothing better, but I'm afraid we have an extradition treaty with Germany.

PS: If you'd like to have one of these adorable kitties, please contact your local Humane Society.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Torostar Asks - Would You Send This Dear Old Guy Back to Germany to Spend the Rest of His Life Rotting in Jail?

No of course you wouldn't.

Memo to Sandra: Do we have an extradition treaty with Costa Rica?
Pix: Torostar; Symbol Manipulation Division. (Bill Grimshaw)

Happy Days in Bali

A shiny new pushy poll conducted by Ipsos Factos Reid for CanWest and Global National, says we're down four while the Puffin Party of Canada stays the same.

And all because of an amusing performance by the genial old German-Canadian Businessman. What a pro!

Oh, and also because as you know I'm a scary, US-style politician who eats babies, while the Puffins are, well, almost beatific.

MEMO: To Kevin. Could you check this out further and advise? I suspect this result, well within the margin of error, is because the Puffins shipped Backpack Boy out of town during the Ethics hearings. The minute he was gone, dancing on the beach in Bali, and no longer on TV, a weight lifted from the hearts of Puffins everywhere, and it became contagious.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Three Amigos Fail Due Diligence Test

As an amateur historian of our national game of shinny, and as an outsider in this whole German-Canadian Businessman saga, I was naturally curious as to how the whole grudge match started, since it's clear the old G-CB rascal was handing out largesse to both Grits and PCs pretty much equally.

So I asked Kevin to put his best team of PCO researchers on the case, to brief me.

Well Franko and Fanny went to work with Google and Wikipedia, and we've got a preliminary report I'd like to share with you today.

It now seems clear that the whole dirty business started in 1988, when the G-CB started telephoning alleged food journalista Steffie Camero, while at the same time another mysterious personage was dumping over the transom scores of scribbled notes and private bank account records.

Whoever could this be? Enemies of Airbus or Thyssen? Chirac? The Americans? The Dreaded Stasi? Helmut Kohl's operatives? Victims of the G-CB? The German-Canadian himself, in a form of revenge against The Person Who Must Not Be Named? Perhaps G-CB's own enemies, like the odious Swiss clockmaker Giorgio Pelossi? Curiouser and curiouser.

Anyway, Steffie got so turned on by the Swiss stuff she ran and told her amigo Dimlid HackIntyre at the Canadian Peoples Agitprop Network (CPAN) (the guy with the psychedelic tie, left), who pulled together a crack investigative cult led by a community college hand-held video student named Harvey Cash-Whore that Steffie knew from UBC days. Cash-Whore was the son of BC NDP Minister of Aboriginal Affairs ohn Cash-Whore. Also brought on board was Howie Goldenbaal - this Pissed Estate Airbust Researcher/Producer also spins "progressive" anti-Israel book reviews in Toronto Birdcage liner giveaway NOW-L.

This was the gang's chance to play Watergate-style heroes and maybe score a few CPAN expense account trips to a certain mountainous country in Europe with lax banking laws, great shopping and a very nice ambience.

It seems Steffie got into a bit of a courtroom bother - probably something to do with due diligence and the quality of her sources - but over the next few years the Three Amigos dragged it out into a string of Jiminy-award winning Pissed Estate shows and lame investigative pot-boilers. And it was all to kneecap that evil, nasty PC leader, The Person Who Must Not be Named, and restore the Natural Governing Party to its rightful place leading Canada forward in Grit Glory and keeping peace in the world in the name of Saint Lester and Saint Pierre. Whew.

I must say I'm fascinated by the fact that these dedicated little weenies never went after the German-Canadian's largesse toward Grits, only PCs. And yet after the departure of The Person Who Must Not be Named from office, the German-Canadian continued irrigating the new Créton gang. the same bunch who decided to break their election promises and KEEP the GST because it was a perfectly executed and efficient tax that would make Finance Minister Paulie look like a tough deficit-tamer in the eyes of Canadians.

So word went out to the old Pissed Estate Team to go into hibernation, stand down, and return to doing hard hitting consumer stories about the dangers of skate sharpeners and mouth guards. Sic transit gloria mundi, as Tom used to say.

So reading over this report, the whole thing smells like Puffin poo-poo to me, and it's becoming increasingly clear that this whole Airbust campaign was led by a very deep cover Grit Party Dirty Tricks Team smearing its way into Canadian hearts through the so-called public broadcaster (don't you mean the private broadcaster of the Puffins? - Ed).

It's also clear that these three amigos were recently slapped back into action and brought into Backpack Boy's office to ratchet up the old Karlheinz charade and spin it into a major Plan Smear Harper exercise. The aim being to rescue the Puffins from a fate worse than death - I mean losing an estimated 40 seats in the next election.

It's pretty pathetic, but gripping drama at the same time, if you like this sort of thing. Will Canadians buy the agitprop? More as this develops.
Pix:CBC, Puffin Party Archives

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Objectify

Irene Mathyssen: "It's, it was, I would say not hard porn by any, by any stretch, but it was still inappropriate in the House of Commons. It reflects an attitude about women. It is an objectification of women that I find very, very concerning."...

Reporter: "Did you, could it, you said many images. Could it have been just a catalogue of lingerie? Could he have been doing his Christmas shopping, do you think?"

Mathyssen: "Well perhaps, I don't know. It looked like a file. It looked like collected images and Christmas shopping, what he does in his personal time is, is of no concern to me. That's personal and private. But he is in the House of Commons and it was in full view from my seat and had anyone been sitting in the public gallery, it would have been in full view of the gallery."
Irene's right, people. Let's keep this kind of objectification of women out of Question Period. There are far more appropriate things out there that we could be objectifying.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Puffins Fingered

Now it seems Trudeau-Créton Cabinet heavyweight and ex Canada Post Supreme Ruler André Wallet was also involved in the Bear Head project for Thyssen, a contract that was won instead by General Motors. Not entirely unexpected.

And the old German-Canadian Bribemeister is back at it again today, promising more hot revelations.

This is getting really tiresome. What'll it be next, thinly disguised blackmail?

What was that quote from Count Ignatula back in the summer? - that the Puffin Party "lays an egg a year, flaps its wings a lot and tries to hide its own excrement." It's all starting to make sense: the egg was Stéphane Dion, the flap was Kyoto, and the excrement is now.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Another Torostar Yawner

Chantal Hébert again: "Had it not been for the pesky ghost of [The Person Who Must Not Be Named], Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority government would have enjoyed a charmed life this fall. Its second Speech from the Throne and a mini-budget whizzed through the House of Commons. In spite of that, neither gave the Conservatives the decisive boost they were hoping for in the polls."

I have news for you Mme. Hébert. Plan Smear Harper is backfiring. This German-Canadian Businessman soap opera is diminishing everybody, and the Puffin Party more than the Righteous Conservatives. I refer you to the latest Nanos poll:
The most trustworthy leader

Stephen Harper - 31% (-4)
Jack Layton - 14% (-4)
Stephane Dion - 12% (-8)
Gilles Duceppe - 6% (-2)
Elizabeth May - 4% (-4)
None of them/Undecided - 33% (+21)

Yours truly and Layton and May down 4, Dion down 8.