Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whew, What a Téléroman!

Sorry about that Maxime, but enough is enough. This is no episode of Virginie or Rumeurs, you know. The bad guys in Julie's show are real bad guys.

What really annoys me is the fact that none of the reporters knew that Vachon cakes are made in the Beauce, that you were not handing them out in Afghanistan just for a laugh, but to make a point to the good guys of the 22eme Régiment that we're keeping the home fires burning.

Hey, that's politics. Thank God I can crank up the Challenger and jet off to Europe for a few days to avoid the gloating coming from Bobama Rae and the Count.

Just so long as it's the Hells who are not gloating.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Amazing Obama

On Obama's problems with his wife and the Rev. Wright: "Whatever one thinks of Sens. Clinton and McCain, they're as familiar as any public figures can be. Obama, on the other hand, is running explicitly on a transcendent "magic." It doesn't help when the cute girl in spangled tights keeps whining about how awful everything is, and the guy you sawed in half sticks himself together and starts rampaging around the stage. The magician has lost control of the show." - Mark Steyn

Friday, May 9, 2008

Who You Gonna Call?

I'm humbled. Nik Nanos, one of Canada's smartest and most trusted pollsters, says Canadians think the best person to serve in the post of Prime Minister of this beautiful country is, of course, moi.

And this, in spite of two years of ferocious demonization by the Puffin Party of Canada, and certain of their sleazier friends, who shall go nameless.

Puffins, doesn't this tell you something? Forget Bobama Rae. Forget Count Ignatula or Gerry F. Kennedy or even Darth Turncoat or Martha Hall Monitor.

The numbers don't lie: there is no promised land unless you Bring on the Justin Child!
Nik on the Numbers: Leadership Tracking - Harper personal image untouched by controversy

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Upscale Demagogery - Playing the Audience for Suckers

Thomas Sowell on Wright and Obama:

"Like everyone else, I have also been hearing a lot lately about Jeremiah Wright, former pastor of the church that Barack Obama has belonged to for 20 years.

Both men, in their different ways, have for decades been promoting the far left vision of victimization and grievances — Wright from his pulpit and Obama as a community organizer for the radical group ACORN, as a collaborator with former Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers, and as the member of the U.S. Senate with the farthest-left voting record.

Later, when the ultimate political prize — the White House — loomed on the horizon, Obama did a complete makeover, now portraying himself as a healer of divisions.

The difference between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright is that they are addressing different audiences, using different styles adapted to those audiences.

It is a difference between upscale demagoguery and ghetto demagoguery, playing the audience for suckers in both cases."

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gazette Journo Scoops Pierre

OK, I'm forced to admit that Liz Thomson is right, and give credit where credit is due, dude - the Bloc, not us, were the first to apply sound accounting principles to balancing out election spending. See HERE.

Congratulations, Elizabeth, and if a Senate seat becomes vacant before Oct. 2009, we'll consider your request.
Pix:Gazette de Montréal