Friday, May 9, 2008

Who You Gonna Call?

I'm humbled. Nik Nanos, one of Canada's smartest and most trusted pollsters, says Canadians think the best person to serve in the post of Prime Minister of this beautiful country is, of course, moi.

And this, in spite of two years of ferocious demonization by the Puffin Party of Canada, and certain of their sleazier friends, who shall go nameless.

Puffins, doesn't this tell you something? Forget Bobama Rae. Forget Count Ignatula or Gerry F. Kennedy or even Darth Turncoat or Martha Hall Monitor.

The numbers don't lie: there is no promised land unless you Bring on the Justin Child!
Nik on the Numbers: Leadership Tracking - Harper personal image untouched by controversy