Thursday, June 19, 2008

Harpernomics For Socialists #5 - The New Puffin Sin Tax

Would you trust these little green gnomes who are out to s____ you?

In this edition of Harpernomics For Socialists™, I want to take on the whole phenomenon of sin taxes on carbon, and the Green Shaft proposed by the Puffin Party of Canada.

Forgetting for a moment the fact that the jury is still out and the science not settled on the causes of climate change aka global warming, the new Puffin Sin Tax on Carbon contains a lot of hidden agendas:

1) It is a way of increasing the price of energy, so the Americans have to pay more for our energy.
2) It is a way of raising money for social engineering run by bureaucrats. You pay the tax, but you don't necessarily get it back, as claimed. Much will be used for BackPack Boy's Anti-Poverty Crusade and other new programs.
3) It is a way for the Puffins to appear decisive.
4) It is a way of driving the pump price higher.

Here are the fatal flaws in the system:

1) It puts Canadian companies at a disadvantage against other countries with less onerous taxes. Countries that don't have the tax will do better than us.
2) It effectively subsidizes China, which has just passed the US as the World's major polluter.
2) Corporate taxation is stupid, because the tax is almost always passed on to the customer.
3) Green Shift is just a juggling act.
4) It is just more "we're the good guys" stuff from Bobama Rae. Yawn. ZZZZZZZZ
Seriously, the Puffins don't want an election, they want to buy time until their next (leadership) convention in December.