Monday, June 2, 2008

CTV Spin Reversal

I'm BACK, and really looking forward to feeding the zoo animals during Question Period. To save you the trouble, here are the answers.
1) Maxime Bernier took the honourable course and resigned. No he is not leaving to take over the reins at Vachon cakes.
2) OK, I admit it, we made a mistake made during a press briefing over Italian participation in the war in Afghanistan. There may be other mistakes in future. After all, we are only human.
3) No, the Member for Halton, Ontario, is not a Conservative plant in the Puffin caucus.

In other news, Sandra pointed out an hilarious spin reversal by CTV yesterday:

And here's another one from last year.

My heart goes out the the editor who caught these gaffes. Can you see, dear diary, why we have to be so careful with the boys and girls toiling for Canada's mainstream media? Mister Dithers never got this kind of consideration.
Pix: Steve Janke and SDA.