Monday, June 9, 2008

We Really Should Prorogue

I've said this before, but let's face it, we're all exhausted. You guys from your desperate demonizing of moi, Teflon Steve, us from having to put up with your endless Puffin Party of Canada flyovers and droppings.

Time to do a little gardening, fight off black flies at the cottage, take Kyoto for a walk, apologize to Julie (and then never have anything more to do with her), watch a little Sesame Street with Bobama Rae.

Besides, nobody wants an election, right, even though the major Puffins are spinning that they do?

And everybody's watching the freak show south of the border, us with horror, you with adulation. All you hypnotized Dem-wannabe lefties would much rather drink the Obama Kool Aid, right?

So let's hit the reset button, and Make a Fresh Start for Canadians!™

Yes We Can.
PS: I see the buzz is already out on Sparks Street. Maybe I'll announce it this week.