Friday, August 31, 2007

What Have the Grits Been Puffin'?

John Tory called on Blackberry #3 and he's urging me not to prorogue. Apparently he wants the Liberal Brain Trust (Kinsella?? - Ed.) tied up in Ottawa, obsessing about Afghanistan, during the provincial election. I'll think about it.

Meanwhile the Grits are on the Rock (rocks?) trying to suck up to Danny Williams. Apparently while chumming around with journalists late at night in downtown St. John's, Iggy the House Elf showed himself capable of much wit (who would have known?) with his comment that the official bird of the Liberal Party should be a puffin - because it lays an egg a year, flaps its wings a lot and tries to hide its own excrement (that's Harvard-speak for "shit").

That's what I've been telling people for years. A fake Conservative Party membership is going out to you today, Michael. Have another tot of screech.