Friday, August 10, 2007

Iggy the House Elf

The thinking woman's Harvard intellectual has done it again, with a four-page glossy in the New Yak Times. He was wrong about Iraq. It's just that he found those Kurds so courageous, and his heart went out to them. Plus they let him fire off a Kalashnikov.

So now he is back in the Grit sheep fold, with a major mea culpa.

I don't buy it. Politics is a tough business for a thinking man. It's those pesky polls, right? So many compromises you have to make, right?

Look, the reason Dithers didn't take us into Iraq was because he was too busy sucking up to Chirac. Now we have word the Francos wanted to build old Uncle Saddam a state of the art reactor, which George tells me was a no-no.

So stop beating your brain on the bedpost, Iggy. This is a tough business, and Lester Pearson is not around to help.

Plus it's too little and too late. Sarkozy's already patching things up with Bush, and the Americans are letting the French back into Iraq if they promise to be good.