Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lay Off the Lit Bits, Martel

Laureen tells me some metrosexual from Montreal name of Yawn Martel is trying to get publicity by sending me the Great Works of World Literature to read, then bragging about it in the Toronto papers. Dante Gabriel Chavez, people like that.

The idea is, rednecks like me would be more loving and caring if we got a dose of Deep Thought. Now I like fiction as much as the next guy - nothing I like better than curling up with the latest Tom Clancy - but jeez I'm up to my yinyang in briefing books. I haven't got time to read some warmed over tale of a guy in a boat with some animals. It reminds me of Cabinet.  Besides, Ben and Rachel are getting me into Harry Potter plus I'm writing my own book about our national sport.

Memo to Oda: Can you do anything to get this guy off my back? How about a Canada Council travel grant to Kazakhstan?