Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why Peter Gets Defence

Look at the pecs and abs and gluts and whatever on this guy Poutine. His recent naked aggression at the North Pole got me thinking - the only man in Canada's New Government™ who can stand up to the Chief Russki and defend our northern frontiers is Peter MacKay, the early morning iron pumper of the parliamentary precinct. Plus the Shrill Times keeps voting him the Sexiest Guy on the Hill. So that's why I dumped Gordon O'Connor for the former Mr. Belinda Stronach.

And also you should know that Bernier's going to Kandahar to hang around with the Vandoozers and get his picture taken riding a tank. This should nudge the polls upward in Quebec.

I had to shuffle Prentice because he was getting too friendly with the First Nations, and giving them all sorts of concessions without getting them to promise to vote Conservative. Chuck will lean on them a little harder, do the Wheat Board thing. These autochotones have been voting Liberal for too long. I mean Dief the Chief gave them the vote in the first place, and since then all they have done is abuse his trust.