Saturday, March 29, 2008

Liberal Leadership Convention May 2009

I have come under a lot of gentle ribbing around the office for my prediction of a 2009 Puffinfest in Toronto where Bobama Rae or Count Ignatula will win the leadership after a gripping battle with Martha Hall Monitor, Justin TrueDoh and Gerry F. Kennedy.

I'm sticking to my guns, and recent evidence suggests I am right:

• The Count was furious over a report on his misgivings about Backpack Boy in La Presse; he had to issue a release stating categorially that it was a pack of lies; (Memo to Mikey - the election campaign starts today; no telling the truth to reporters.)

• Senator Smith and John Rae unveiled a new tougher "Gunslinger" Stéphane in a meeting in Montréal yesterday. Hilarious, but necessary.

• Our sources tell us the word is going out that the Party will brook no more dissension and lack of discipline (i.e. bitching to reporters), or miscreants will not be around to reap the spoils of "the glorious victory that will at last be ours"...

I guess it's go into your holes until roughly January 2009, when Backpack Boy will announce his resignation.

So much for the Puffin Youth Movement:

So dear readers, look for a BORING nine months.

Except for the new front four facing me and trying to give me a hard time - Martha, Iggy & Bobama, with Dion gradually fading into nothingness.

And not forgetting the US election, which will give the poor journos something to chew on.
My prediction for Puffin Saviour: Bobama Rae, because he knows when to keep his mouth shut, and knows how to say absolutely nothing with perfect sincerity.
Pix: Iggy doing his best John Kerry impression (Canadian Union of Satiric Photoshoppers); Getty Images (Simon Hayter)