Thursday, March 6, 2008

Puffins Yearn for the Good Old Days

All this Cadman stuff is making HM's Loyal Opposers nostalgic. Remember those days when life was golden and Puffins could fly free, soaring through the heavens confident in their ability to, whatever. Well it's all the fault of those evil Kneedippers and Blocheads, who conspired with the brutal uncaring unfeeling dishonest and vindictive Yours Truly to tear down the government of one of the finest pirates ever to sail the seven seas of convenience. Yes, Paulie made us so happy. (see below)According to Torostar, the Naturist Governing Party is about to introduce a motion that the House of Commons "condemn the irresponsible and self-serving actions on Nov. 25, 2005, by the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Quebecois which led to the installation of a government that is hostile to the rights and needs of vulnerable Canadians."