Friday, November 21, 2008

Has Bobama Been Botoxed?

A number of commentators have remarked on Bobama's fresh youthful appearance, especially during his press conference, while Tag Team Twin Count Ignatula is looking like a moth eaten senior statesman and Dominic Leblanc like a grad student.

Looks like a pretty fresh job too, especially around the eyes and mouth. Possible signs of a well-done face lift too. (Flash: I've just been informed it's either a face peel or maybe some vitamin B injection.)

Clearly the man and his brother are obsessed with making him Prime Minister, and restoring the Puffins to their natural governing state.

It's true cosmetic surgery can cover up a lot of sins. And all those worry lines he got when he was The Worst Premier in Ontario History™. But if he keeps this up he'll look more and more like Cat Woman.

Ah hell, it's all PR anyway, right? And if it's good enough for Joe Biden, it's good enough for Bobama.
Pix:Bobama the Mentalist Ponders his Answer to the CAW Bailout, by Reuters