Thursday, November 20, 2008

A New Somber Mood of Reality

My friends, I hope you liked the low-key speech, and the reaction afterwards. A few salient points:

1) Jack and Gilles went up the Hill, and did what they had to do, and it makes the Puffins look like pussies, keeping us in power.
2) Prentice will be carrying the heavy load - water and gas, and he will do it well.
3) We're framing this session as a roll up your sleeves one, and all whiners and demonizers will be dealt with severely by the new compliant press corps, forced to find new verbs and adjectives to describe the doom and gloom that pervades our markets.
4) Now that Thibo has gone, the so-called ethics committee should become less partisan, right?
5) Who's the biggest polluter in Canada? A certain provincial hydro monster that was forced to burn more coal because Bobama Rae nixed nuclear plants. I rest my case.
5) I look forward to echanger les barbes with the jeune prince Justin. This should be fun.

My friends, this is no time for political bickering and partisan backbiting. This is the time to work together to help working Canadians, and as my good friend Obama said, "heal the planet." Yes we can. God Bless Canada.
Somber Pix: Adrian Wyld, CP