Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome Back to Blogwarts, Chaps

I see the Tag Team Twins have been seated next to each other, right across the aisle. Is this to make me cross-eyed? Did Ignatula just fart or something?

Apparently the two Lester Pearson Liberals are running against each other. Don't believe it for a minute, mes amis.

It appears Bobama Rae is going to be playing the bad cop role, Count Ignatula the good guy. Both will continue to demonize me in their own special ways. But I'm ready for it.

My strong suit will continue to be economics, of course. Bobama ran Ontario into the ground, and we're still feeling the effects - not enough doctors, not enough nuclear power (both nixed by Bobama). The Count has not run anything larger than a graduate seminar, although I hear he has a good PR agent for a wife.

It's going to be an incredibly boring six months until the Puffin convention. Please bear with me my friends as we are subjected to an endless series of symbolic stunts - Bobama walking out of a candidates meeting because he is an open and transparent guy was the first one. I nearly feel off my chair laughing. Who dreamed that one up, Gerry F. Kennedy?

Enjoy the speech. Yes we have to rescue GM. But it goes against every fibre of my being.
Pix:Chris Wattie, Reuters