Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well, I Lost

In spite of my last minute entry into the race, replacing John McCain, the American people obeyed the Messiah and went to the polls in record numbers to do their duty, as they had been taught to do by Lord Barry.

God Help America, and if I hear some TV commentator utter the word "historic" again, I'm going to get hysterical. The Reality Party of Canada is historic. These guys are antediluvian.

If I may address the people of the United States personally: "You Americans had a chance to elect me, and impose the Canadian banking system on the US, and you blew it. You've opted for Barry's "redistributive change", so good luck to you all."

Now the hard part begins as the heir to Jimmy Carter attempts to teach Americans about "relationships built on self-interest". I guess that's Washington in a nutshell.