Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gilles Duceppe, Great Canadian Hero

Gilles, you've done a superb job fighting for and defending Québec's interests. Brian is a big secret fan of yours too - much more than that traitorous bozo Bouchard. But now you can feel a chill wind going down your back, don't you. It's the wind of loss and dejection. The bye-elections were the beginning of a sickening downward slide. None of your members want an election, because they know they will lose and have to go back to Ste-Crysostome du Ha!-Ha!, forgoing the delights of Babylon on the Rideau.

So Gilles, call me up and let's talk. There's a place for you in the New Conservative Party/le nouveau Parti conservateur™.

And if you can't do this then let's support each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect. With Alberta's oil and your hydro, we can rule Canada for the next generation.

So I say, du fond de mon coeur, Vive le Québec libre
de profiter d'un Canada uni!