Saturday, September 29, 2007

No Way Newman

That energetic old
Peter T. Newman just e-mailed me. He wants to be one of my special buddies and please could he have one of my BlackBerry numbers so we can have intimate late night chats, but Sandra says he's persona non grata unless she's in the room watching every move he makes, and it's swept for bugs later. Laureen also nixed the idea, and rolled her baby blues and looked at me as if I were crazy.

I called up Brian for some advice. He says "Don't go near the X@#$X&X* AA##%%@. He's a wannabe Grit, but even Paulie can't stand him." To prove his point he e-mailed me the above picture. "I mean, look at the colour of his hankie... I rest my case. Plus he never removes that dusty old dutch fisherman's cap. You know it's hinged, Stephen. He lifted it once to show me - there's just an empty brain pan with some kind of teletype implant... Anyhoo, here's what I really think of the guy; I got Paulie to do the intro..." and he linked me this crude home video: