Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Red Diaper Baby Dumbs Down Public Discourse

Yawn Martel keeps bugging me to read more. This week he sent me a copy of Naomi Krein's Schlock Doctrine, with a note telling me it was a "non-fictional account of a young woman's nightmarish coming-of-age in a world she never made." I must confess it's a real bummer and I could hardly wait to put it down.

All I can say is, in spite of the loving, caring, concerned look on her face, this person appears to be thick as a brick. Her understanding of history and basic economics is grade school. For example, Chile under Allende and Pinochet was a Cold War battleground... the Russkies were pouring money into Allende cause they wanted a naval base on the Pacific, and the Yanks were determined to stop them. The country was heading for a major civil war.

Now all that sad story is over and the place is a thriving democracy, all because of free-market economics. But Naomi is still fighting the Cold War (or is it the Spanish Civil War) that her parents and grandparents fought in, and just can't get her brain to move on. Must be all those Pete Seeger songs running around in her head. Waaaaaah!

Viva Milton Friedman! Viva la Escuela de Chicago! Venceremos!
God Bless Canada!