Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bobama Rae as Mister Sunshine

We've been deconstructing Bobama Rae's earliest utterances on his blog and in the House, and guess what? The new Puffin message is clear - utter contempt for nasty uncaring unfeeling old-fashioned politicians like me, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe. Oh, and a dumbed down party message: We're the Good Guys.

Here he is blogging about his first days back in the House:

"The culture of contempt applies everywhere - question period, debates, committees - Prime Minister Harper has refused to answer any questions on the Cadman Affair, committees are stonewalled, the NDP is caught in a timewarp of class warfare and character assassination, the Bloc is fighting desperately for its survival and as a result is circling the wagons to defend the ramparts of linguistic nationalism."

(And the Puffins? - Ed)

While Obama says, "Yes We Can," Bobama takes a more Canadian approach and says "Let's Be Nice":

"Can we do something about this ? It will not be easy. Humour, spontaneity and good fellowship are always a good idea and should never be out of style."

ZZZZZZZ - I told you the next nine months were going to be totally boring.

Justin TrueDoh, where are you?