Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In-And-Out-Gate a Real Yawner

Hey, this André Thouin of Elections Canada was the same guy who as a chief superintendent with the RCMP testified to Judge Gomery that Librano MP Alfonso Gagliano was the capo making decisions about sponsorship in Quebec. Small world, eh?

OK, Thouin is a diligent ex-horseman who was just doing his job, and I guess Elections Canada needed to read our emails before they met us in court because they weren't even close to making a case. But why the heavy hand, and who tipped off the journos and the Puffin Party of Canada's own hacks and camera crew? Are they doing a documentary? On moi, Teflon Steve?

My bet? the usual suspects - the Puffin Dirty Tricks Team, and close friends of the Opposition in the Canadian Peoples Agitprop Network, just down the street. More as this develops....

Totally pathetic. A tip for the Puffins: "In-and-out-gate" just doesn't cut it.

Here's our statement, and I won't comment further on matters before the courts.

Speaking of court, my Puffin friends, just thank us for taking Elections Canada to court to seek clarification of a badly thought out rule. By the way, don't we have a date before the judge?
Ian, please keep me informed about the progress of this farce. I have a country to run.