Friday, April 11, 2008

Bobama Rae Will Free You if You Only Believe

Silly Serpents awake! Bobama Rae is back in the Promised Land of Ottawa and he doesn't like what he sees. Things used to be real swell, but now Bobama sees a place that is "more partisan, more scripted, more orchestrated."

But Bobama has a dream, you see, a dream to bring the tulips out again. On his blog he declares, "The public service in Ottawa is muzzled, afraid to speak its mind, told to toe the party line. The deep freeze in town is not just the longest winter in memory - spring will come and the tulips will emerge. But a vigorous public service able to breathe and speak its mind will have to wait for political change."

The groundhog Bobama has spoken, five more years of winter unless we believe. No Stanley Cup either.