Thursday, April 10, 2008

Obama and Ignatula - Rulers of North America!

Wow, who's this foxy academic sitting on her soapbox?

Why it's Iggy's soulmate Samantha Power, musing about her vision of a sophisticated Harvard-educated dynasty of Puffins and Bamas ruling the whole of North America.

This time the ex Obama advisor told an Ottawa Citizen reporter that the Count may have been beaten once for the leadership, but don't count him out.

"I think you have not heard the last of Ignatieff... That was just a first foray. He's just getting, from my talks with him, more and more sophisticated."

Two minutes later, Samantha realized she had put her foot in it again. She panicked, and called the reporter back:

"To say we haven't heard the last of Ignatieff, I think, is perfectly fine," she said. "To say 'an Ignatieff-Barack continent' is probably pretty stupid and not all that helpful on my part."

Not at all stupid, Ms. Power. Your frankness is charming. How refreshing to see what you and Mikey are really talking about in your sophisticated late-night conversations. And I'm delighted to see you continue to tell the truth when talking to reporters.

Keep on Puffin.