Sunday, April 27, 2008

Whoops, Hold the Election

Having spent endless months trying desperately to demonize moi, Teflon Steve, the New Puffin Party of Canada - owners of the "We're the Nice Guys" brand* - is once again back under a cloud, courtesy the Royal Canadian Horsemen.

Apparently the authorities want to go "higher up" in the Puffin hierarchy in their search for the truth - i.e. where did all that taxpayer money go? In that matter I have insisted that our Office "take the high road". That means no more joking about bank accounts in Central America and the like. Keep your sticks on the ice, please. That's an order.

How high can they go? It's getting so bad that even "modern-day Machiavelli" and Chrétien linguistic prognosticator Warren Kinsella, exiled in Toronto but desperate to get back into the national game, is giving FREE advice to the Puffins in the form of media talking points:

- "We’'ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if someone broke the law, they should go to jail." Check. Stay on message, whatever.
- "The RCMP are professionals – they are not people who engage in “stunts” or threatening behaviour – and we will cooperate with them fully, like we have in the past." Check.• Don't flip them the bird, whatever you do.
- "The Liberal Party knows very well the importance of transparency and ethicality. Canadians deserve that, and will get that from the new Liberal team." Check. Yep, Change You Can Believe in.

Check, Warren. This is rad. Like, rage against the machine. Well done. That ought to keep the journos off the case and happily quaffing back the suds at D'Arcy McGee's.
Cartoon: Graeme Mackay
*©Bobama Rae