Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bobama Rae Love Affair Over as Grits Gear Up For Quick and Dirty Leadership Convention

As we clean up the old chambres de guerre and put away the signs for another term at Blogwarts, word on the street (and in the National Post) says that the love affair between Bobama and Count Ignatula is over "and the two can't stand to be in the same room together."

My response to this is simply, Puffin Poo.

This pathetic attempt at a leak is clear evidence that the leadership campaign is already under way, and the first thing that Senator Smith and Bob Rae's brother John decided to do is manufacture a split between these two old college chums to give the appearance of a real fight. My friends, don't believe it for a moment.

The second thing is that my old friend Frank McKenna is also being brought into the race from TD Bank to provide some long needed credibility to the New Toronto Party of Canada.

The Justin Child will at last emerge and tease the journos and the women of Toronto that he is being temped to run. Acres of dead trees and zigabytes of bandwidth will be burned to maintain this sweet fantasy. He and his lovely wife Sophie will appear endlessly on the front pages of Chatelaine, Torostar etc. My friends, don't believe it for a moment.

The convention may occur as early as December. Details are being hammered out.

Yes, things are that bad.