Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Drinking the Obama Kool Aid

Yikes, this Obamaguy is unstoppable! What a political phenomenon! What a deep voice emerging from such a weenie frame! Here's he is emerging from the surf, like the Tiger Woods of Politics, striding out of a sand trap.

We're watching things VERY closely, to see if the Puffins have any little Obamas in the woodwork, I mean besides Count Ignatula and Justin TrueDoh. Maybe young Alexandre has a shot, once he finds himself.

I must say I'm inspired. Man, the guy is a tremendous orator, and Sandra wants me to start speaking in slow sonorous cadences, and to talk more about Change and Hope, in the Canadian context of course.

Of course, it's not politics at all, it's a modern day religious cult.

In other news, I see Backpack Boy's wife got him to buy some new pre-election spectacles. Cool.