Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Liberal Playbook "Vindictive, Dishonest and Incompetent"

You know, dealing with this Puffin opposition, and their media friends at Torostar and the Canadian Peoples' Agitprop Network, is a bit like being in a bad high school play. Obviously they've been up all night trying to memorize the script, and they can't even get their lines right. Backpack Boy is the worst, but the Greek chorus is pretty bad too. Then there is script girl Krista just off stage feeding lines to pretty boy Pablito. It's enough to make one gag.

Aaron Wherry of Macleans discovered that they are even mixing up each others parts:

Karen Redman: "Mr. Speaker, Canadians are increasingly seeing this government for what it is: vindictive, dishonest and incompetent."

Raymond Simard: "Mr. Speaker, this vindictive, dishonest, incompetent government will stop at nothing to silence the voices of dissent."

Navdeep Bains: "Mr. Speaker, when this vindictive, dishonest, incompetent government signed the softwood lumber agreement, we told them that it was flawed."

Tina Keeper: "This vindictive, dishonest and incompetent government is still skeptical about the science."

Mark Eyking: "Why is this vindictive, dishonest, incompetent government determined to destroy our tourism industry instead of expanding it?"