Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Martyrdom of Krista Erikson

This just in: Master blogger Black Rod has discovered that the martyrdom of Krista Erickson has led to an outpouring of Facebook sentiment, particularly by sweet young House Liberals. On Jason Cherniak's Support Krista Erickson pages, we find her friends include:
* Nancy Baroni, parliamentary assistant to Liberal MP Maria Minna
* Ryan Cotter, parliamentary assistant to Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett
* Richard Zussman, special assistant to Liberal MP Maurizio Bevilacqua
* Stephen Dame, legislative assistant to Liberal MP Alan Tonks
* Bryn Hendricks, assistant to Liberal MP Hedy Fry
* Al Payne, assistant to Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal, who sits on the so-called Ethics Committee.
Black Rod suggests the other Puffin MP who asked questions for her might be Nova Scotia turncoat Scottie Breeze-on. (Isn't ex CBC radio journo Susan Murray his communications director? - Ed.)
Update: Black Rod also notes that sweet young Krista, an ex script girl from Winnipeg, is a buddy of Pissed Estate producer Morris Karp-Face.
PIX: Canadian Peoples Agitprop Network.

Keep on Puffin.