Monday, February 11, 2008

Harpernomics™ For Socialists #3 - Energy Power Realities

OK, class, maybe you're wondering why I'm putting up this great picture of me with Bonhomme Carnival and Harry the Horse, mascots of the Québec Carnival and the Calgary Stampede. Because it makes me look like a regular guy?

Wrong, I AM a regular guy. Because it's symbolic. What does that mean?

Wrong. It does not mean I'm a clownish mascot. Nice try. What it means is that politics is all about symbol manipulation, class. Now what am I trying to symbolize?

That I'm caught between Mario Dumont and Jean Charest. Very funny, but wrong.

It means that there is a new political and economic power reality in this country, and it is the alliance between two of the world's biggest energy producing jurisdictions, Québec and Alberta.

Any questions, class?

You from Ontario? You don't get it? Think Ontario Hydro.
Pix: Jacques Boissinot, CP/PC