Monday, December 1, 2008

Socialist Heaven?

Well, I underestimated that crafty old Maoist Gilles. And look where he's got us all. Deep in Socialist Heaven.

The only responsible way for this government to proceed now is to prorogue and work flat out with Ontario to help the automakers avoid going belly up. Then reboot with Speech From the Throne #2 at the end of January, and if the Coalition of the Damned holds up, we'll have to go to the people again. Maybe some cooler heads in the opposition will come to reason and join us before then.

Otherwise it's Tax and Spend Heaven, and the ruin of Canada.

Tomorrow: A lot of people want me to resign right now. That's an option, but I'm going to contact an ex-PM and ask his advice, and then have a session with Mackenzie King's crystal ball. Stay tuned.
Pix: Chris Wattie, Reuters