Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Susan Delacarte to Reboot Career

Word just came over the transom that Puffin cheerleader cum journonanny Susan Delacarte has had another "incident" caused by demonization possession, and will be recuperating at Toronto's Messy College, where old Puffins go to lay their eggs.

Apparently my successful prorogation of Parliament was too much for her, and she lost it in the Torostar cafeteria, throwing plates of damp adjectives at the other pitiful #1 Yonge St. wretches.

I think I speak for none of my peers when I send her our heartfelt wishes for a long and thorough exorcism.
This just in: Apparently there is a ferocious bidding war by McClellan & Stewpit for her forthcoming memoir, "That Stephen Harper is SUCH a Big US-Style Schoolyard Bully!"
Pix: Macleans's snapshot from the Torostar Christmas Party; Mister Dithers is trying to "intervene" and reason with Susan to remove the US flag, which she has not taken off since November 4, to celebrate Obama's victory. Apparently she is hoping to attend the Obamaguration, and will remove the garment as soon as he is sworn in.