Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Valium Leader Takes Charge

So the Coalition of the Damned™ is dead. Excellent travail, Sir, and now we can get down to work spreading the blessings of Harpernomics to Canadians.

You're almost there. You support low taxes, limited government spending, and so on. Flaherty can help you fill in the blanks. Welcome aboard!
PS: We loved your press conference, and the office had a good laugh as you piled on Grit cliché after Grit cliché. A masterful job. We especially liked your heartwarming reminiscence about your uncle's Quebec dairy farm, and the delicious odours. Much like Question Period on a rough day, right?

One cynical staffer quipped that maybe you were “born in a manger”, but we'll leave that one for the Justin Child, descendant of the Templars. One of our weirder researchers/ conspiracy theorists suggested, with a straight face, mind you, that you were like a political John the Baptist, sent to prepare the way for His ascension.