Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We're Installing Radical New Political Technology in the PMO

And here it is. Our brand new Canuckistan III BS Detector that will help us deal with Puffinomics outbreaks. It will also tell us precisely when Count Ignatula and Bobama Rae are telling the truth about voting to keep us in power.Thanks to all the party's political engineers involved in producing this cool little device, which has an array of infrared, organic odour, climate change, political correctness and other sensors. This baby is Canadian made, and about the size of a BlackBerry.

We're equipping all Conservative Party MPs with the device, so they can stay alert, and also practice being sincere without smelling of BS. Or conversely, be able to spout BS when needed.

We may also be able to use it in upcoming trade negotiations with the Americans, Europeans and Chinese. I may try it out with King's crystal ball, to see if the old guy is telling the truth about how he kept Canada's credit strong during the 1930s.

God I love this country!