Monday, December 1, 2008

The Universe is Unfolding...

Hopefully as it should. Let me see. What have I accomplished here?

1) I need a docile House of Commons to solve this crisis, and I'm betting that terrifying the Bloc and Puffins with the threat of an election will do the trick. An election would of course bankrupt them.

2) I need the support of Gilles Duceppe, since the poor guy holds the balance of power. Will I get it? Time will tell. At least I know that he will not pull the plug in an "alliance" with the Puffins and N.D.P. (New Dope Party). To his credit, he said he never would do this. So he'll bide his time, and meanwhile I will try not to piss him off too much. [Update: OK I eat my words]

Other side benefits:

1) The Puffins and N.D.P. showed their true colours, that they are just two sides of the same so-called "progressive" movement. But Jack Layton as Finance Minister? Flahery nearly fell off his chair when he heard this.

2) This will make it harder for the Puffins to get donations from the centre. Their credibility is pretty shot, and our Reality Party of Canada will emerge even stronger.

Nothing like a little cat among the pigeons, er puffins, to get the session off to a good rollicking start.

Now, to prorogue or not to prorogue? Do Canadians really want to see the opposition whining and pulling their hair and giving yours truly a hard time in this our holiday season? Or do they want to enjoy themselves?