Thursday, September 18, 2008

Elections Are Like Hockey Games

So here are a few friendly tips.

• 1) Keep your stick on the ice, and stick to the issues.

* 2) Put on your game face. Determined.

• 3) Keep the goofing for practice. Curb your charming sense of humour.

• 4) Follow your coach's orders.

• 5) Fighting is OK, but watch the instigator rule and don't attack the fans in the stands.

• 6) Talk to the nice journalists but don't get too pallsy.

• 7) Give the media the story they need, but not necessarily the one they want. For example, what story is a Canadian Press journo going to pick when given this choice: a) Gerry Ritz the Minister announcing a new program for PEI, or b) Sideshow Bob?

You guessed it.

I love you guys.