Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Puffins Opt to Foul Own Nest

Lord knows I tried. I even asked Mackenzie King what to do using the old man's crystal ball - all he said was "make sure the budget is balanced, and do what's right for Canada."

As I see it, Backpack Boy doesn't care whether he wins or loses; it's how he plays the game. As long as he and Torostar are demonizing moi, Teflon Steve, they are happy. I am the demon of global warming. I am the demon of not following fixed election dates. I am the demon of our troops in Afghanistan. I am the demon who lets the rest of Canada treat Quebec as a nation. I am the demon who doesn't follow the political science curriculum. I am leader of the unnatural governing party.

What can you do with these people?

So I have a dilemma. Should I pull the trigger and let my Hon. friend flame out, at which point the Puffins will have a new leader in December? Or should I prorogue until after the US election, and come up with a modest recovery budget for poor old Ontario and Quebec, and see if we can go till October 2009?

Clearly Senator Smith and Bobama Rae's brother want Monsieur Clarté out of the leadership, and they certainly would vote with the Kneedippers against our righteous Tory government, but they can't bring us down without the Bloc, and the Bloc are down in Quebec. Why would Gilles want to go to the polls?

Conversely, Carney says we're in good shape. The US economy is not as bad as people thought, in spite of what Darth Turncoat is preaching.

The universe is unfolding as it should. The polls are showing the Puffin vote is starting to evaporate in the Maritimes, and seriously softening in 416 Trawna.

So I'm baffled by all the Puffin bravado. An election sure would clean the Puffin nest, but it could very well give us a majority.

So what would you do, Dear Diary?

God Bless Canada.
Puffin Poster by Canadian Union of Satiric Photoshoppers, after Thomas Eckersley