Monday, September 1, 2008

Showdown at Sussex Drive

Well today's the day I have to drive down from the lake to meet Backpack Boy. Ugh. The guy was posturing about meeting the 9th instead of the 8th, and now he wants to meet today, on the nicest weekend of the summer. What a bummer.

I'm going to put it to him that if he wants to stay on as leader until October 2009, and hold off Rae and Ignatieff, I'll make it as easy as possible. All he has to do, in the words of the Rt. Hon. Person Who Should Not Be Named, is keep on his "best shit-eating grin" for another twelve months.

We can work this out. He and Baird and Liz May's new guy can together develop a new non-partisan climate change/global cooling program for Canadians, and we'll put it into a Speech from the Throne.

In a weakening economic climate, this is not the time for posturing. This is the time for helping all Canadians.

Now I've got Mackenzie King's real crystal ball in my office, with a fake duplicate now at Laurier House (made for me by some Turks west of Ankara), I'll have a much better handle on these Puffins, particularly the bozos in the 416 area.
Pix: CP. Is that the best you can do, guys?