Saturday, September 20, 2008

Is Bobama Rae the Real Leader of the Puffin Party of Canada?

All the signs point that way, and to a hidden agenda for Canada.

Canadians want to know:

• What are the specific terms of the deal Bobama Rae made to leave the National Dope Party (N.D.P.) and join the Marijuana Puffin Party of Canada?

• How much money have Bobama Rae, the Puffin Party or other government spending activists raised to derail Stéphane Dion's Green Shaft campaign?

• How do the Puffins still plan to use these secret funds now that they are beginning to distance themselves from their green activist supporters?

• How many other Puffin insiders have close ties with extreme wings of the secretive Maurice Strong Kyoto movement based at Harvard University?

• Where is Garth Turncoat hiding, and has he ever inhaled like Barack Obama?

• Will Backpack Boy be struck with a mysterious ailment next week just before the leaders debate, and his place taken by Bobama?

• Is there any hidden sexual or political meaning to the term "Come Clean"?

Keep on Puffin.
• N.D.P. News Release "Liberals Must Come Clean"
• Puffin Release: "Layton must come clean on Marijuana Party deal"