Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mean Schoolyard Bully Type Puffin Attack Ads

The secret coronation of Bobama Rae as Real Leader of the Puffin Party of Canada coincides with a disturbing new negative ad about The Real Harper. I must say I don't like the subject matter - we're working on this - but the production values are pretty classy for an ad done on your kid's Macintosh. A nice noir touch, like a Forties newsreel. Warren Kinsella says it was put together by a punk friend of his, Don Millar, and then makes a shameless pitch for his excellent book, "The War Room."

Want to know what I think? I think you New Puffins are just being sleazy, stubborn and vindictive. These orchestrated US style attack ads are worrisome and troubling to Canadians. They are a symptom of the New Puffin Party's hostile, arrogant, uncaring, unfeeling attitude.

Canadians want you to stop being such schoolyard bullies.