Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jack Layton Caught Wearing a Blue Sweater

In one speech during the recent Republican Convention, commentators noted that Sarah Palin was wearing the colour orange.

This was widely interpreted to signal that she was reaching out for Democratic Party support, I mean from the true democrats and not the Obamatrons, because orange is Hillary Clinton's favourite colour...

Jack, I take your recent wearing of a blue sweater to be a similar signal. You have also been seen wearing a very nice light blue tie.

I know your father Bob Layton was a loyal Progressive Conservative all his life, and you know it's still not too late to return to your roots and join the Reality Party of Canada. That's us.

You know in your heart that our policies will give more real jobs to the working families of Canada.

You've got my BlackBerry #2 number. I'm waiting for your call.