Monday, November 26, 2007

Snowball Fight Looms in the Commons Ethics Committee

I've decided to hurry back from Uganda so I can watch the show this week. What interests me in particular is whether the Puffins really want the "German-Canadian businessman" to testify about how many Créton-era Libranos were, in the words of journalista Steffie Camero, "on the take." Perhaps we can have the pleasure of seeing lawyers Mark Lalond and Alain Roque puff the MPs take the stand while we're waiting for the GCB to pull his marde together.

Or perhaps we can applaud as Iggy supporter Paul Szabo tries to sabotage brilliant NDP parliamentarian Pat Martin, who is only after the truth, as I am.

Whew... there's back tracking going on everywhere. Lysianne Gagnon in La Presse and Sheila Copps in the Sun papers are both spinning that the wise old "Petit Gars de Shawinigan" is right - that this is a police matter and I was wrong in wanting a full scale enquiry and the legal bills will kill us and why can we all be friends and love one another.

Apparently the "German-Canadian pasta entrepreneur" wants three days to plow through his correspondence in his Ottawa condo before he goes before the committee. Maybe the RCMP can help the poor old guy with his paperwork.

This is truly history in the making my friends.
Pix: Librano "Justice" Minister Alain Roque doing his best Créton impression for the press corpse. (CP)