Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rt. Hon. Librano Capo Still Hooking His Golf Balls

KAMPALA, UGANDA - I have been told that ex Puffin Chief Jean "Petit Gars" Créton has not been able to resist weighing in on the "German Canadian businessman" debate, particularly as the publishers want him to help promote Ron Graham's new book.

Créton claims to have spoken to Alain Roque about the payment to defray the legal expenses of The Person Who Must Not Be Named. "We 'ad no choice," he says.

He confesses, in a true spirit of Puffinalia, that he he was truly mystified by the whole Airbust affair, but "as I told my officials, the only proper thing to do was to accept the word of a former Prime Minister of Canada." He also says he would be willing to testify further about his golf balls at yet another interminable public enquiry to entertain our press corpse.