Saturday, November 3, 2007

Globe n' Mail Has Hate On For Former PM

Yes it's official, Canada's National Birdcage Liner has decided to go after my good buddy the Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney The Person Who Must Not Be Named by dredging up this old Schreiber retainer stuff. As you saw by my response yesterday, I am sorely tempted to respond in some fashion, but Brian advised me to refrain, since it is still before the courts. "Take the high road, my son," he advised.

Whatever are they thinking down there on Front Street? My guess? Something to do with giving the poor old Puffin Party of Canada a shot in the arm. Boosting morale, nudging the polls, and all that.

I also see that the Puffins are complaining about lack of funds. Why don't they tap into some of the old sponsorship money that must be squirreled away somewhere?