Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Latest Puffin Nest Fouling

More Potential Marde for the Puffins: Allegations have surfaced (see HERE) that certain high-placed PMO/PCO Puffins way back in the 1990s wrote reviewed a certain RCMP letter asking about the The Person Who Must Not Be Named before it was sent to a certain mountainous country in Europe with a well-known banking system. If this is true, all I can say is "Shame on the Puffin Party of Canada Dirty Tricks Team."

Wednesday Morning: Apparently the names of Mark Lalond, John Allan MacEachren and Andy Sprott have emerged in connection with the "German-Canadian businessman". Lalond was even on retainer to the GCB while at Strikeman Eliot, a reputable Canadian law firm, and was trusted to handle many of GCB's legal affairs, not that there's anything wrong with that. Interesting, but Lalond was honorary campaign co-chair for Count Ignatula's leadership team and son Paul is an Iggy advisor.

Fake sources are trying to tell me he wisely refused to take cash in a fat brown envelope in a hotel room but insisted on a certified cheque passed through his law firm. I will have none of this speculative allegations, particularly as matters are before the courts.
Woah, Puffins, circle the wagons. OK now backtrack fast. Shut up Thibault!
Dear Diary. I know you are excited by all these political shenanigans, but really they take the focus away from important things like justice, tax and Senate reform. Who's to blame? - hyperactive journos, pathetic TV paranoids, political scientists and former food columnists off their meds.

I'm off to Uganda. Behave yourselves, everybody.
Pix: Lalond with PET Pup (CP PHOTO/Ian Barrett)