Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kinsella's Back in the Game

I hate to admit it, but Créton-era brandmaster Kinsella sometimes has some pretty decent political smarts, if you can read between the spin. See his Weblog at

I appreciate one of his latest spins, "Anyone who knows me knows what I think of judicial inquiries. They are mostly self-mandating, self-financing, self-aggrandizing monstrosities - they end up costing the treasury millions, they solve nothing, and they corrode the public's already-corroded faith in public institutions. The Starr Inquiry, the Gomery Inquiry, all of them are the same. They make things worse, not better."

Yeah, but worse for whom?

Kinsella even suspects he's "getting soft on Muldoon*..." This from a head-banging punk? Must be the jet lag.

Anyhoo, I would advise all interested parties to check out Ian Macdonald in the Gazette today for clarification about what is at stake.

Kevin, please keep me informed about the progress of this farce. I have a country to run.
*the person who must not be named...