Saturday, November 24, 2007

Howard Gets Ax For Bloated Public Sector

So the Aussies waltzed John out. Who would have thought he was past his due date? The dear old guy who loved everybody and never stopped smiling?

To put a positive spin on it, the new Labor man Kevin Rudd said Howard's coalition had allowed too much civic service bloating and he repeatedly told the voters he would be cutting the numbers big-time. Scary, eh?

On Howard's part, he attacked Labor leader Kevin Rudd's promise to take a "meat axe" to the public service, telling reporters he believed the public service was doing a good job and it was just another empty promise from Labor.

Jeez, maybe the electorate are finally getting it, I mean Harpernomics™, not Puffinomics™.

Think Rudd's Kevinomics would fly in a Canadian election? Maybe not in the Maritimes.

Hasta La Matilda, John.