Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Personal Message to Women Who Watch CBC and Read the Toronto Star

According to the latest Nanos Poll, "The Prime Minister and his government get very high marks from Canadians. The Harper government gets a very good rating from 10.1 percent of the voters, and a good one from 29.4 percent. Another 38.1 percent give the government an average report card, while only 9 percent give it poor performance marks, and 9.4 percent rate it as very poor. However, there is a continuing caution for Prime Minister Harper in the voting intention numbers, as measured in other Nanos polls, as well as in those by other public opinion research firms. The Conservatives continue to be unable to cross the threshold of a majority, largely due to a gender gap and the resilience of the Liberal Party brand in Ontario."

What can I do to make you love me? Free Karlheinz Schreiber? You know I'd like nothing better, but I'm afraid we have an extradition treaty with Germany.

PS: If you'd like to have one of these adorable kitties, please contact your local Humane Society.