Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OK, Bring on the Election, Not

I see that diligent work by crazed turncoat Andrew Coin (left), allied with the Canadian Peoples' Agitprop Network and the Torostar Cult, has led to a blip in the CP/Decimo/Harrass poll where we could be statistically tied with the Puffins. (Is this a real poll like the Nanos ones, or just a desperate push poll to nudge up the Puffins? And what were the questions? - Ed)

High Fives to all those weenies who contributed to the Puffin nudge upward and our nudge downward. This is not mere police beat journalism - this is inspired brand marketing and you should share in the glory. And Viva Karlsheitz Fraudster for your bravura performance. You really earned your get out of jail card, you old rascal. We'll see you in February.

By the way, is Backpack Boy back from Bali yet? That should cause the polls to re-blip back to normal.

ZZZZZZZzzzzzz...must hibernate.
Back to Normal: Sandra woke me from my midwinter nap, and apparently the latest Angus Reid poll says nothing has changed.... We've held at 33%, the Puffins are stuck at 28%. As you were...
This just in: Some college boy cultist at Torostar called Gerry Nicholls, who claims to know me, says I'm being groomed by my staff as a cult leader/playboy of the month.

I guess this spring's fashion at Torostar and CPAN will be to portray me as Herr Harper. Truly, deeply sophomoric.

See you at the polls, losers. Oops, sorry, I forgot, the Puffins can't afford an election, can they? So I guess I won't see you at the polls.

Anyway, why all the fuss, Puffin People? Why so frustrated? All you have to do is drink our kool-aid and vote YES.

So lighten up and have a happy holiday. God Bless Canada.
Pix: AC (Frontier Centre for Public Policy)