Monday, December 3, 2007

Another Torostar Yawner

Chantal Hébert again: "Had it not been for the pesky ghost of [The Person Who Must Not Be Named], Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority government would have enjoyed a charmed life this fall. Its second Speech from the Throne and a mini-budget whizzed through the House of Commons. In spite of that, neither gave the Conservatives the decisive boost they were hoping for in the polls."

I have news for you Mme. Hébert. Plan Smear Harper is backfiring. This German-Canadian Businessman soap opera is diminishing everybody, and the Puffin Party more than the Righteous Conservatives. I refer you to the latest Nanos poll:
The most trustworthy leader

Stephen Harper - 31% (-4)
Jack Layton - 14% (-4)
Stephane Dion - 12% (-8)
Gilles Duceppe - 6% (-2)
Elizabeth May - 4% (-4)
None of them/Undecided - 33% (+21)

Yours truly and Layton and May down 4, Dion down 8.